38 Unique Traditional Willow and Pottery 9 Year Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to Unique Traditional Willow and Pottery 9 Year Anniversary Gifts, you have 2 choices if you want to stick to the traditional theme. Willow is strong but flexible, and I think we can all agree that those are two essential qualities in a happy marriage, while pottery is fragile, but, if looked after well, will last a lifetime. Bear these in mind when choosing a suitable gift, and you won’t go far wrong.


Personalized Pottery Bowl

Finished in Mediterranean blues, this dish makes a beautiful 9 year anniversary gift. Just choose the size you require and the personalization details, and they’ll have a gift everyone will admire.

Prices vary

Koby Feldmos Willow Painting

As willow is one of the traditional 9th anniversary gifts, this 35” x 35” canvas oil painting makes a fitting tribute as it depicts a willow tree, resplendent in glorious multi-colored tones.

Prices vary

Mountain Scene Mug in Seamist Glaze

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy mountain views with their morning coffee, so this mug is the next best thing. With misty scenery in soothing hues, it comes a close second.

Prices vary

Bonsai Golden Weeping Willow Tree

Bonsai trees make lovely gifts, but growing them from seeds can take years. Get off to a head start with a rooted tree that comes with leaf buds and a 1/2” trunk.

Prices vary

Tree of Life Mug Handmade Mug

Created from eco-friendly pottery clay, this colorful mug features a hand painted tree of life design on the front, is dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds around 14oz.

Prices vary

Handmade Willow Tree 3D Popup Card

Get them an anniversary card with a difference! This handmade pop up card has a distinctive red front cover, and displays an intricate stand-up green willow tree when opened.

Prices vary

Personalized Ballpoint Pen From Willow

This ballpoint pen is made from the wind-strewn branches of a willow tree that stands outside the artist’s studio, and comes in an engraved maple wood presentation box.

Prices vary

Anniversary Pottery Service Bowl

100% handmade from scratch, this large bowl is painted in vivid turquoise and brown, and comes with the verse ‘Love is patient, love is kind’ engraved around the rim.

Prices vary

Personalized Willow Paper Cut

Arriving ready to be framed, this papercut is of a beautiful willow tree with superbly arching branches, and the lovers’ names or initials ‘carved’ into the trunk.

Prices vary

Handmade Ceramic Mug

Glazed with cow’s milk, this unusual mug is made using a traditional Ukrainian method in which the mug is dipped in milk and roasted to produce the finished effect. Holds 8.5 oz.

Prices vary

Personzalized Willow Pendant from a Windfall Branch

Crafted from windfall branches, this pendant is made using a slice of willow on which a personal message can be burned, before finishing with a wax coating and threading onto leather cord.

Prices vary

Personalised Paper Cut Willow Tree Card with Initials

This card is perfect for the 9th (willow) anniversary, as it features a majestic willow tree papercut with hand cut initials in the trunk, and mounted onto a contrasting background.

Prices vary

Two Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree Plant


Ready to plant, this pair of willow tree cuttings arrive with healthy roots and established leaves

Prices vary

Willow Tree Logo Personalized Stoneware Wine Cooler

The ideal gift for celebrating 9 years of marriage, this wine cooler is made from stoneware pottery and has a cute willow tree silhouette on the front, along with personalized details.

Prices vary

CWI Gifts Weeping Willow Tree Decoration

This 24” high willow tree will stand proud in the home and act as a gorgeous reminder of the past 9 years. Created in natural colors, it will complement any home décor.

Prices vary

JANECKA Tree of Life Soap Dish

Whether they use it in the bathroom for holding soap, or the bedroom as a candle holder, this little dish, with the ever popular tree of life design, will look absolutely gorgeous.

Prices vary

Custom Willow Tree Art Print

Printed onto an unusual bronze background, this unframed 8” x 10” print depicts a lush weeping willow tree in white, with a touching quote and the couple’s details underneath.

Prices Vary

Old Weeping Willow Tree Dangling Bracelet Charm

Easily attached to any bracelet, necklace, or zipper, this cute little charm shows a willow tree at the water’s edge, with its reflection just visible in the water below.

Prices vary

Floral Blue & White Porcelain Umbrella Stand

Managing to be both charming and useful at the same time, this porcelain umbrella stand comes in 4 different designs and stands 2 foot tall to hold umbrellas, canes, and walking sticks.

Prices vary

Personalized Music Lyrics Willow Art

Select the lyrics shown, or choose those from a special song, and have them printed onto this adorable and touching willow tree picture which also shows the couple’s initials and wedding date. ( or maybe 10 year anniversary gift for him)

Prices vary

JANECKA Green Tree of Life Bowl

This dish is hand crafted, meaning no two are exactly the same. Finished in a dark green glaze, it can be used to hold trinkets, soap, or even a candle.

Prices vary

Faux Bronze Willow Tree Art

Choose from paper, canvas, or a metal background for this adorable print, which depicts a weeping willow tree complete with 2 love birds, and a verse of your choice with couple’s details.

Prices vary

Bonsai Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree

If you fancy the idea of giving a Bonsai tree as a gift, but don’t want to just give seeds, this tree comes with healthy roots ready to be planted.

Prices vary

Tree of Life Pendant

Made from silver plated copper wire, this tree of life pendant is so unusual and will bring many an admiring glance as it hangs on a silver plated chain (15 lengths available).

Prices vary

Bonsai Willow Tree Bundle

Willow is a traditional 9 year anniversary gift, and this bundle contains 3 varieties of Bonsai willow trees – Weeping, Australian, and Dragon which come with healthy roots already established.

Prices vary

JANECKA Turquoise Tree of Hearts Bowl

This hand crafted free form dish is made from porcelain clay, meaning it is perfect as a 9th anniversary gift. The tree of hearts decoration adds a really romantic touch, too.

Prices vary

Handmade Personalized Anniversary Stoneware Pottery

This pretty platter is made from red stoneware pottery, and as it’s handmade, each one is unique. Using leaves and ferns to imprint patterns, it also comes personalized with the couple’s details.

Prices vary

3 Thoughtful and Creative Diy Willow Gifts

Diy Weeping Willow Tree

Follow this timelapse YouTube video and you will be able to produce one of these incredibly cute willow tree ornaments which look far from homemade; perfect for a 9 year anniversary gift.

How to Make a Miniature Artificial Willow Tree

With a few easy steps, you can create a DIY artificial willow tree to mark 9 years of marriage, using copper wire, plaster, paint, and glass chip beads.

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