The Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 Of 2023

A motorcycle headgear is absolutely the most essential item of gear to acquire prior to attempting any type of motorcycle riding. While the best top quality headgears are normally costly, it’s better to have a less expensive safety helmet than no headgear in any way. Below are seven of The Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 by emergent-lleida

  • O’Neal 2 Collection Safety Helmet– Glossy.
  • HJC CS-MX 2 Helmet– Strong.
  • Thor Industry Degree Helmet.
  • Fly Racing Dust Kinetic Burnish Headgear.
  • Shot Race Gear Furious Ultimate Headgear.
  • EVS Vortek T5 Vector Helmet.
  • AFX FX-17 Headgear.

These helmets are considered in this checklist not just for their lower costs however additionally for their great protective; as well as convenience qualities and their various other great features.


Top 7 Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 Evaluations

O’Neal 2 Series Safety Helmet– Glossy

O’Neal — Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 is a fantastic dirt bike gear firm that has actually been producing quality dirt bike safety helmets for over fifty years! The new 2022 O’Neal 2 Collection Glossy Safety helmet is a great instance of the power that your buck can bring.


The O’Neal 2022 2 Collection Glossy Headgear costs around $100. This safety helmet goes to the top of the list, being one of the most pricey, but it uses some amazing high quality for its fantastic rate.

However I would absolutely suggest you to look out for those outstanding deals on the market that tear down the cost of this great helmet even more.


The protective qualities of a helmet are essential to making it worth the purchase, as well as the O’Neal 2 Series Glossy Headgear does not disappoint in this group.

With a polycarbonate as well as ABDOMINAL covering, this safety helmet is light-weight and also strong, making sure that your head receives the security that it needs to minimize the damages of an accident.

This headgear has also fulfilled DOT as well as ECE 22.05 qualifications, which is a big offer that includes in this safety helmet’s reputation in the defense department of dirt bike high quality.


Have you ever used a headgear with horrible extra padding as well as was in many various other means awkward? One of the terrific aspects of this safety helmet is the steps that have actually been taken by O’Neal to make sure that you fit while out riding.

This safety helmet includes deluxe padding that is detachable and cleanable. Besides being comfortable on the head, the latter attribute of the padding is especially good.

When you get home after a warm, long ride, you can easily eliminate the extra padding, toss it in the washer, as well as set it out to dry; as a result, your safety helmet’s extra padding will not only be ready for your following ride, but it will certainly also smell terrific! No more musky, stinky headgear stink!

Together with the comfy padding, this safety helmet likewise includes great air flow that will certainly help in cooling you off and also maintaining you dry while on the routes or race course.

Other Features:

Some other fantastic functions on this helmet aid in its resilience and comfort for you.

The O’Neal 2 Collection Glossy Headgear has outstanding clear covered graphics that are exceptionally sturdy as well as much less likely to obtain very scratched up from every tree branch, influence, or normal deterioration.

The headgear also consists of an adjustable visor layout. So, regardless of the time of day, you can readjust the visor where you need it, making the whole trip a lot more comfy for you along with making it longer-lasting.

HJC CS-MX II Motorcycle Riding Helmet

HJC — Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 is a great motorcycle gear firm with some competitive headgears hitting the marketplace. This helmet, the CS-MX 2 Solid Helmet, has some fantastic features for a fantastic rate and also is definitely worth exploring.


This headgear from HJC has a rate of around $85-$ 90 relying on the size you get. If the headgear dimension you’re seeking is in the XLs, simply expect to pay the greater end of this rate range due to the extra products utilized for the helmet.

Additionally, if you’re looking into obtaining this safety helmet with graphics, that can also hike up the cost a bit much more. It depends on your and your choice, however just keep that in mind.


The greatest safety function for the HJC CS-MS 2 Solid Safety helmet is its composition. The helmet’s shell is constructed from a sophisticated polycarbonate composite that is super lightweight, making the safety helmet about 2.8 pounds altogether, as well as likewise strong versus influence.

The safety helmet is entirely DOT approved, which is not always very easy to satisfy. This offers an excellent hint as to the safety helmet’s safety top qualities given that HJC has to make it as much as DOT’s requirements.


This safety helmet has some amazing convenience functions that are genuinely outstanding. Besides the safety helmet’s general lightweight, which makes it less of a concern on your head while out riding, this HJC helmet has excellent ventilation and cush extra padding.

This headgear includes ACS Advanced Channeling Air Flow System. This system capitalizes on the grooves in the EPS structure of the headgear by using these channels to deliver fresh air via the helmet, cooling you off, as well as out with the exhaust vents, bring warm and also moisture with it.

The HJC CS-MX 2 Strong Safety helmet also features a comfortable Nylex inside. This product’s contributed to this headgear to aid in moisture-wicking and comfort while riding. The padding is likewise removable as well as washable, keeping the inside of your safety helmet scenting fresh.

Various other Attributes:

An additional excellent feature to take into consideration about this safety helmet is the huge eye-port, which is a fantastic possession for you while riding. Wide eye-ports fit most goggle dimensions as well as likewise aid in the total vision readily available while riding.

Thor Market Level Helmet

Thor — Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 is not only a Marvel superhero however also a remarkable motorcycle equipment company with excellent quality products; although, you could absolutely contrast the strength as well as reliability of their items to the superhero himself. You can check out this safety helmet at numerous stores, including

Thor Market Degree Safety helmet is a wonderful instance of a solid, top quality safety helmet that makes certain to save the day in the event of an effect.


The Thor Sector Degree safety helmet can be found in at a list price of about $110. The factor I include it in this list is that it is typically on sale for as cheap at $75 on different on the internet sites. So, I would recommend that before you make the final purchase, you should browse to see if you can discover this safety helmet at a less costly rate.


There are 2 major safety features that make this helmet super solid as well as safety for your head.

To begin with, the safety helmet’s make-up consists of an injection-molded polycarbonate as well as ABDOMINAL shell. These materials integrated developed an extremely lightweight helmet that’s additionally incredibly solid.

Second, the Thor Industry Level Safety helmet likewise includes a dual-density EPS liner. This is a superb protective function that helps in impact energy absorption. Among the largest problems with crashes, even if you do not obtain awfully scratched up, is that your head takes rather a beating on the inside as a result of the influence’s force.

But the dual-density EPS lining is wonderful security against this as it assists absorb the majority of the harmful energy; as a result, a lot of this energy affects the headgear instead of your head.

The Thor Industry Degree Headgear is additionally DOT and also ECE 22.05 authorized.


Besides the awesome protection this the Thor Industry Level Headgear has to supply, this safety helmet has some excellent convenience functions that make certain to make any kind of rider satisfied.

Among the biggest convenience features for this safety helmet kind Thor is the ventilation system. This system consists of internal airway throughout the headgear’s EPS lining; that assists to carry air throughout the helmet to cool you off and after that to carry the warm air out with the exhaust vents.

The helmet likewise includes an exceptional hi-flow mouth vent with a filter. This enables you to obtain plenty of air for breathing while out on the tracks or track. Gone along with by the helmet’s adaptable rubber nose item, the filteringed system hi-flow mouth air vent successfully obstructs roost.

Various other Features:

Along with these protective and convenience facets, the Thor Sector Level Helmet has some other excellent features worth mentioning.

The safety helmet itself is built to have a minor impression in the back of the helmet in order to secure your goggles’ band. This is a fantastic feature; due to the fact that it guarantees that you don’t need to fret about your goggles slipping off while your riding.

An additional terrific feature is fully flexible visor; that you can relocate as you require throughout your flight, early morning, mid-day, or night.

Fly Racing Kinetic Thrive Helmet.

Fly Racing — Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 is one of the best and also most inexpensive dirt bike gear companies out there. This firm is frequently coming out with new products; so it’s not uncommon to discover their safety helmets on sale at a store to include the brand-new shipments. The Fly Racing Dirt Kinetic Burnish Helmet has obtained he stellar cost while also keeping outstanding top quality.


The Fly Competing Dirt Kinetic Burnish Helmet originally comes with an already practical price yet is commonly for sale at different online stores. This helmet can be discovered priced between regarding $80-$ 110 from least expensive to highest possible.


This headgear from Fly Competing has some amazing safety functions that go over for such a financially valued motorcycle helmet.

The helmet shell is constructed from poly-alloy that is a super light-weight yet solid material. The material is additionally really sturdy, which is a wonderful possession for hard dirt bike riding.

The headgear likewise consists of dual-density EPS cellular lining, which is a great security attribute seen in many more pricey dirt bike safety helmets. The main idea between this dual-density cellular lining is that layer is softer, and also the other is harder. These 2 densities aid in assisting better absorb the effect energy in accidents.

For additional validating of this safety helmet’s safety high qualities, it is DOT authorized.


The Fly Racing Dust Kinetic Burnish Safety helmet likewise has some superior convenience attributes, including its ventilation system and also interior padding.

Along with the hi-flow mouth piece, the headgear has 10 large vents that allow air to pass through the headgear’s EPS channeling and also come out via the big exhaust vents. This is an excellent system that properly cools you off while you’re out riding.

One more excellent comfort function is the indoor cushioning of the safety helmet. The padding is not just comfy, yet it is also removable and cleanable; consequently, you can maintain your safety helmet scenting excellent and increase its toughness by washing up the products. The padding is also extremely easy to return right into the helmet with the Fly “Quick Snap” system.

Other Functions:

An additional fantastic function included with this helmet is the rubber trim and the incorporated nose guard. The trim aids in helping your safety glasses remain in location; and also the nose guard is an efficient shield versus much of the roost that comes your means while you are out riding.

Shot Race Equipment Furious Ultimate Safety Helmet

Shot Race Gear — Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 is a firm that produces fantastic quality safety helmets and supplies them in many countries all over the world, consisting of in the United States, Chile, Australia, Japan, and the UK. The Shot Race Gear Furious Ultimate Safety helmet is simply an example of the fantastic top quality headgears produced by this business.


Although the headgear practically has a market price of around $110. You can discover this helmet for sale at numerous web sites for around $85-$ 90. This headgear supplies excellent features for a reasonable rate.


The significant protective functions of this DOT; as well as ECE 22.05 certified headgear are included in the headgear’s total building and construction.

First of all, the helmet covering is constructed from a tri-composite product consisting of Carbon/Kevlar/Fiber. These products combined, although less expensive, are exceedingly solid and also contribute to the headgear’s light-weight.

The headgear likewise features a shock-absorbing chin guard insert. This help in securing your jaw and also head in general during a collision; as the insert helps soak up much of the influence power as opposed to having the great deal of it hit your head and also create even more damage.


The Shot Race Equipment Furious Ultimate Helmet additionally includes some fantastic comfort attributes that make certain to please a selection of cyclists.

The helmet shell comes in three different sizes to make sure that you get the ideal dimension for you that is neither too tiny or as well huge. What takes place in the inside of the headgear is a major influencer of total comfort.

The helmet additionally includes “morpho adjusting” interior lining, which fits; as well as adapts the biker’s go to an exceptional fit. The lining is also removable and washable. Besides being practical, this attribute additionally aids keep your headgear resilient and also smelling great.

The helmet likewise has a terrific air flow system. It includes 6 consumption vents as well as 4 exhaust vents for lots of air flow to come in. The air after that aids cool you off and afterwards takes the warm and moisture out with it.

Other Features:

A few other terrific features consisted of in this headgear consist of the headgear’s polyurethane (PU) coating on outer shell; as well as graphics. This surface boosts your safety helmet’s sturdiness and maintains it looking good regardless of the extreme environment of dirt cycling.

The helmet additionally includes a detachable mouth vent for very easy cleansing; as well as it is additionally neck brace prepared for motorcyclist’s who desire such equipment while riding.

GLX GX623 DOT Kids Youth ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Motorcycle

GLX GX623 DOT Kids Youth ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Motorcycle Full-face Helmet Combo Gloves Protective goggles for boys and girls, best under $100 great with some competitive items hit the market. The EVS Vortek T5 Vector Safety helmet is definitely a safety helmet worth considering for its good quality; good price.


This headgear is usually retailed at concerning $99; but I have actually seen this product on sale at a great deal of online motorcycle gear shops. Watch out for some super deals; due to the fact that you don’t intend to lose out on a good deal for this excellent helmet.


The EVS Vortek T5 Vector Safety Helmet has most of its protection in the headgear’s basic building.

The helmet covering is constructed from polycarbonate, which is a very lightweight material that is extremely strong. This is a great asset to the safety helmet for aiding maintain the cyclist’s head safe without carrying around a heavy concern that safety helmets can bring.

The headgear also consists of an EPS liner. This material assists soak up much of the effect power that comes during an accident; consequently, it shields your head from too much damage that could happen otherwise.

The helmet is altogether DOT and also ECE accredited, which most definitely include self-confidence concerning this headgear’s protective capabilities.


The headgear’s lining and air flow system plays a substantial part in the comfort that the helmet uses.

The interior of the headgear is lined with a moisture-wicking lining that does an excellent task in maintaining you completely dry and awesome while out riding in the heat. Do not worry about your safety helmet getting a fashionable stink eventually. However, due to the fact that the lining is both removable; as well as cleanable to keep it fresh and also clean.

Other Features:.
The EVS Vorteck T5 Vector Safety helmet likewise includes a RAM cooling system, which enhances the headgear’s overall airflow and also cooling down with its nine big air vents and also EPS channels.

AFX FX-17 Headgear

AFX is a dirt bike safety helmet firm existing in both the USA and Europe. The firm has brought out some terrific dirt bike safety helmet choices, including their entry-level helmet– the AFX FX-17.


This safety helmet comes with a rate in between $90-$ 95. For such a small cost, as well as for being an entry-level safety helmet, the AFX FX-17 Headgear sporting activities some excellent attributes that are extra generally located on a lot more costly helmets.


The biggest factor of defense going with this headgear from AFX is the helmet’s structure. The covering is made from an advanced poly-alloy plastic that is super strong and extremely light-weight; consequently, it does a great job at keeping your noggin safe and also comfortable while out riding for a very long time.

The helmet shell is also designed to be aerodynamic in order to reduce the amount of drag (and also thus pressure on your neck) while you’re out riding at full throttle.

Rest assured to understand that this headgear is DOT and ECE 22.5 accredited. It is necessary to note, nonetheless, that the safety helmet in dimensions 3X and 4X are only DOT accredited and also not ECE accredited.


The main comfort features of this safety helmet from AFX consist of the helmet’s excellent lining as well as the helmet’s air flow system.

The AFX FX-17 Headgear’s lining and cheek pads are both constructed from a hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial product. These are great properties for keeping the headgear tidy and safe, while also fitting on delicate skin.

The lining as well as cheek pads are likewise removable; as well as cleanable to maintain your helmet extra clean and also fresh. This is an especially wonderful element when you come back from a long, sweaty flight on a warm day.

The safety helmet additionally includes 11 vents in the chin, sides, temple top; and back for superb air flow throughout the entire safety helmet.

Other Attributes:

The AFX FX-17 Headgear — Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $100 likewise consists of a removable screwed-on, aired vent visor. This visor is very easy to remove and put back on for your needs whether you’re riding on the roads or out on the track.

The headgear additionally includes google grips on the edges of the eye-port in order to maintain your safety glasses securely in place while you are riding.


It’s additionally a good idea to ask the vendor or previous owner why they are offering it; as well as additionally what kinds of accidents they have actually entered into while wearing this headgear.

Normally, if a riding has gotten into some attractive gnarly accidents; the headgear they are marketing might not be that protective any longer as the EPS cellular lining has likely been squashed; for that reason, if you hit your head where the EPS is already squashed; it won’t shield your head that well. Simply maintain that in mind.

But don’t let this discount rate altogether. Some people might have purchased a headgear, only to learn that it does not fit right. But, for one reason or another, they can not return it. These people aspire to obtain some money for the safety helmet; they won’t use as well as will likely seel it on sights like

Likewise, some individuals might have gotten a safety helmet to check out dirt cycling; but after that they uncover that it’s not actually their point; for that reason, their headgear will likely be really gently made use of.

Completely, check out the quality of the safety helmet as well as how about it’s been utilized.