The Best Upgrades For The 6.0L Powerstroke: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

In this overview, we’ll go over some mods that will begin you later on to get more Best Upgrades For The 6.0L Powerstroke

We’ll begin with the fundamentals; an EGR delete set, air intake as well as an exhaust are all outstanding ways to improve your vehicle’s power and also reliability, as customizing these systems permits your vehicle to breathe much easier and run far more efficiently.

We’ve made a short list of the components that you will need for these upgrades for a 6.0 L Powerstroke engine in the ’03-07 Ford diesel trucks. If you have a newer vehicle, look into our overviews for the 6.4 L and 6.7 L Powerstrokes.

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1. Ideal Tuner for the 6.0 L Powerstroke.

The one point that is key to extracting the maximum horsepower, torque as well as gas economy from the 6.0 is an excellent tuner.

Additionally in some cases called a programmer or chip, the right tuner will permit you to change fuel maps, remove codes and also specific sensors, sight readouts and online assesses to monitor your truck, and a lot more. It’s an important part to any kind of construct.

There are a great deal of choices available as for receivers for the 6.0, yet only a pair that offer you optimal adjusting capacity right out-of-the box. Our preferred is the Livewire, mostly because of the onscreen monitoring/gauges capability that it has.


Wide design fit – Fitting a broad array of Ford Designs. Enter your lorry over to validate compatibility. Please get in touch with SCT assistance for support.

VEHICLE DATA OVERLOAD – The LiveWire makes it easy to read the live car information, sight preferred sensor data such as EGT, Air/ Fuel Proportion or any kind of other 0-5 Volt source!

PERSONALIZED ADJUSTING – Arrives pre-loaded with Dyno tried and tested performance tune files & stands up to 10 customized adjusting apply for optimum song flexibility.

ADJUSTABLE INTERFACE -Make it your own with individual adjustable cautions, notifies, and also lorry parameters. Reads & Clears DTC Codes.

HEADS UP SCREEN – Display your efficiency at a glance with a vibrant 4″ LCD present mounted on a column, window, or dash. Rearview video camera input.

EGR Erase Kit

This track set from aFe is the outcome of a brand-new direction in the layout of EGR deletes, dealing with the several fitment as well as leak problems of the present market kits.

It appears from the up close pictures of the great-looking TIG welds on the pipeline as well as the professional machining on home plate, they don’t truly have anything to hide in the building and construction like you would certainly see with offshore duplicates.

They likewise show up to have taken a great deal of treatment with the J-tube and also just how it interfaces with the adapter plate. This is the only style of its kind I have actually seen, as well as is most likely the result of aFe having a look at the present layouts as well as their leakage points, and thinking of a remedy to repair that.

By far the very best EGR erase package for the ’03- ’07 Ford 6.0 powerstroke diesel trucks, with one little imperfection. It does not come with the other gaskets that you’ll need to in fact reach and remove the EGR as well as colder, as well as for those you’ll likewise require the aFe 46-90075 EGR Cooler Gasket Package

2. Blue Spring Fuel Stress Upgrade Package.

Heaven spring mod is a very popular efficiency as well as integrity upgrade for the 6.0, and for an excellent reason. This simple mod will certainly increase your gas pressure by around 10-15psi, making your vehicle run a lot more smoothly, while lowering the amount of stress on your injectors.

A have to do if you are mosting likely to be adding other power raising mods to your truck.


Boost gas pressure for enhanced performance. This upgrade will certainly raise the fuel stress 10-15psi on your 6.0 powerstoke. Rises the life of gas injectors also.

Easy To Install. The 6.0 blue spring package consists of all the gaskets, seals, bolts, spring, as well as regulator housing needed for installment. This gas regulator kit includes a thorough installation video clip (web link included in packaging) with detailed instructions for the blue spring upgrade.

Fits Ford 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, F550 design years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Equal to Ford component 3C3Z-9T517-AG Perfect for supply or changed vehicles. The 6.0 Blue Springtime Set is a typical upgrade because it boosts injector life, enhances drive-ability, and also offers smoother power shipment.

Full kit with whatever needed for setup on your 6.0 Powerstroke: blue springtime upgrade, 4 rubber o-ring seals, 3 orifice seals, 4 screws, gas stress regulator real estate

3. Turbo Back Exhaust


Borla 140769 Cat-Back Exhaust System Single 3 in. – 2.75 in. Incl. Muffler/Connecting Pipes/Hardware No Tips Single Split Rear Exit S-Type Sound Cat-Back Exhaust System

Quite merely, the most effective turbo back exhaust for the 6.0 powerstroke is an easy straight pipe (no limitations) from the turbo right out to the rear of the vehicle.

Having the exhaust devoid of all the manufacturing facility constraints has a couple of excellent advantages (reduced exhaust temps, quicker spooling from the turbo), yet without a doubt my favorite two adverse effects are more horsepower and torque!


When wanting to maximize circulation and also spool times, you’re mosting likely to want to reduce any type of disturbances in the circulation, especially where the exhaust gases have to go around bends and corners. This is the reason that these sorts of bends are far above crush curved exhausts, it just streams better due to the fact that the middle of the bend isn’t all shattered in as well as hindering circulation. Any type of good exhaust will constantly utilize mandrel bends.

Our preferred for the 6.0 is this program listed below. Made by MBRP, this is the kit that fits on all bed sizes of the ’03- ’07 Ford powerstroke trucks.


No muffler for optimum performance.

Mandrel curved tubing.

Installs with common hand devices.

Can enhance fuel economic situation by 1-2 mpg.

Enhances torque as well as horsepower.Intermediate Pipe Size:4 inch.

4. Air Consumption Package.

An air consumption set is potentially the most typical modification that individuals start with when looking for more performance, and also the reason is apparent:.

Engines require air as well as fuel to make power. The even more air and also gas, the even more power, it’s as straightforward as that. Having a turbocharger like the 6.0 has just makes unrestricted breathing even more vital.

Virtually unlimited breathing is the objective of many aftermarket intakes, and a great deal of them do just that. They likewise all look pretty similar in type as well. Given that a lot of them will do the job of opening the airflow, it primarily all boils down to the differences in performance vs reliability, upkeep, and also cost.


This S&B intake carries out the equilibrium in between type and also feature effectively. As a result of the airbox design (that in fact pulls in chilly air) as well as the reusable dry filters, I would certainly state that it is the very best consumption around for the 6.0 powerstroke. A primary interest in a lot of the other aftermarket consumption layouts is that they leave the filter exposed to the heatsoak of the engine bay. This is an actually negative suggestion, particularly with just how high the underhood temps can enter these vehicles.

The S&B set fixes the underhood temperature concern with a confined filter box that draws air from outside your engine bay, like an intake constantly should. They include a detachable clear plastic panel that covers the top of the box, while still permitting you to aesthetically examine the filter, and additionally making it a lot less of a discomfort to remove for cleaning vs. the supply setup.

As for reliability as well as upkeep goes, the most effective component regarding the aFE completely dry filters that S&B uses in this kit, is that they can be recycled a bunch of times as well as they never ever require oiling. All you require is just a soapy wash and water rinse (rinse from the within out) every so often. Or conversely, you can vacuum the filter (from the outdoors) to get the dirt out, which works well as well. However one point I have learned the hard way with dry filters, NEVER attempt to clean up the filter with compressed air, it ends up spoiling the media as well as you’ll need to buy a new one (my purse speaks from experience here.).


32.90% More Airflow & 99.54% Performance Ranking. Examined To The Globally Accepted ISO 5011 Criterion.

Designed To Prevent Check Engine Lights.

Premium Silicone Components Last Longer And Look Better.

Expand the life of our completely dry filters: Using compressed air, strike off the beyond the completely dry filter maintaining the air nozzle relocating as well as no closer than 6 inches to the media. Replacement Filter: KF-1039D & Filter Wrap: WF-1039.

Street Legal in All US States, CARBOHYDRATE Exempt ID: D-590-9.

5. Garrett PowerMax Turbo Upgrade.


This turbo is a world power upgrade, if your initial turbo needs replacement or you simply desire approximately 175 even more horse power, look no more than the PowerMax. You’ll have the ability to install this turbo without any more inconvenience than mounting the initial Garrett that comes in your truck, it is a real screw in swap.

Garrett is at the center of turbo modern technology as well as the interest to detail on the powermax truly displays their development. Among the coolest functions is the variable vane technology that they have actually incorporated right into the layout, which restricts down reduced as well as opens up top. This substantially boosts the generator’s efficiency as the rpms modification, which keeps the increase at peak performance from still to redline.


Sustains as much as an additional 175 HP over stock with no sacrifice in drivability.

Performance upgrade or substitute for original tools.

Components # 772441-5001s and also 772441-5002s.

Note: The compressor real estate is NOT brightened as visualized!

Fits 2004.5-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 l (Construct Date After 9/22/2003).

6. EGR Cooler Upgrade.

If you still utilize your vehicle on United States roads and need to maintain the discharges system undamaged, there is thankfully an alternative for updating the troublesome, clog-prone manufacturing facility EGR cooler that comes geared up on the 6.0 Powerstroke.

This cooler is a significant upgrade to the factory ford EGR colder. Made from stainless-steel, as well as some fantastic looking TIG welds, it looks equally as excellent as it executes. Internally, their style drops the factory ford honeycomb mesh (that without fail always blocks) and instead utilizes rounded tubes as the medium.

They pressure evaluate their colders to make sure that there aren’t any type of leaks when you install it. Leakproof is definitely something you wish to ensure when experiencing all the difficulty of installing a cooler substitute. The install itself is a straight substitute fit, so no hacking or modifying of your other EGR components is called for.


Updated design stops the usual obstructing and overheating of the initial turbulator design.

Upgraded layout can be made use of in even more harsh environments as well as perform better.

Gaskets Consisted Of: Consumption Manifold, Turbo Hardware Set 3C3Z-9433-BJ, EGR Colder.


7. Upstand Pipeline and Dummy Plug Upgrade Package.

If your vehicle is having hard start problems after it’s heated up, you probably have a leak in the oil system, causing the injectors to not pressurize totally. A very usual location for oil pressure to leak out is the seals on the dummy plugs, creating your fuel pressure to be too reduced to begin the vehicle immediately.

If you’ve examined the usual electrical suspects, such as the FICM, IPR as well as IPC and those are running as meant, then you most likely have a loss of oil stress.

An excellent upgrade set for replacing the dummy plugs and upstand pipe is this package, it resolves the concerns that your original dummy plugs have with worn out or rotten seals, sealing up the oil system which will restore your gas stress back to regular.


real oem manufacturing facility component.

exact fit.


best in quality.

this is not an aftermarket part.

8. 4 Starter Upgrade.


The ideal upgrade for 6.0 vehicles that have a really sluggish starter is the better version that is available in the 6.4 and also later on trucks. Ford revised the gearset in the more recent starters which leads to much faster cranking times.

It’s an easy drop-in replacement, nothing needs to be customized so this upgrade is a no brainer if your present starter is obtaining truly slow.


100% New aftermarket unit built to meet OEM specs.

1-year warranty safeguards you after your purchase.

Factory direct prices without middleman markup delivers remarkable worth.

9. Head Gasket and also ARP Stud Set.


The most hardcore of upgrades is replacing the head gaskets and screws with new gaskets and studs to clamp all of it with each other. Sadly this is an upgrade that a great deal of 6.0 proprietors have needed to do to, with head gasket problems being a weak spot in these trucks.

It’s such a typical occurrence that there are now bulletproofing set alternatives for replacing every little thing that this job needs, such as consumption gaskets and all the other little gaskets that you would normally not think of when purchasing, all consisted of in one easy box with brand new ARP studs– which are a must mount. The factory screws simply can not literally have the exact same securing pressure that studs can, which’s something you actually need on a high increase 6.0.

The only point to be familiar with when selecting a head gasket kit is the build dates on your tuck. Essentially, if your truck was constructed prior to January 14th 2006, as well as has t40 Torx bolts for the injector hold-downs– then you have the 18mm dowels in your heads. Obviously you must get the kit that has the head gaskets that fits those dowels.


1X New ARP Head Stud Package, 1X New Head Gasket Set, 2X All New 18mm Black Diamond MLS Head Gasket.

Fits 2003-2006 Ford Powerstroke 6.0 L Diesel – F250 F350 F450 F550.

18 mm Alignment Dowels – Made 2003 – Jan 11, 2006 ONLY PLEASE Contact with us if you have 20 mm Placement Dowels – Made January 12, 2006 as well as newer.

If you are unsure about fitment, applications, technical requirements, or any kind of other inquiries, please call us at answering service prior to buying.

All Photo shown are for image function only.Actual item might differ.

Intercooler Piping Upgrade.

The manufacturing facility intercooler boots on the 6.0 are recognized for being a weak point. After years of sitting on top of the hot engine they usually crack and develop leaks. The most effective means to address this is with an intercooler piping upgrade kit such as this set.


Improves the life of your engine.

Gloss Black Finish.

Consists Of All Installation Hardware.

Gaskets available.

Final thought.

With any luck, this has addressed your inquiries regarding what performance upgrades, to begin with for Best Upgrades For The 6.0L Powerstroke. If you have inquiries, remarks or various other upgrades that you assume must make the checklist, make certain to allow us to understand in the comments here, many thanks for reviewing!